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photo of Jason Reid, invisible disability expert: a smiling, white gen-x man with glasses in a blue suit.Jason Reid:
Invisible Disability and Leadership Expert
Jason Reid had a long career in television as a news manager despite living with two significant invisible illnesses. Being open about his health challenges prompted his employees to share theirs. He soon realized that 50 percent of his staff had their own invisible disabilities. Using open communication, and solution-focused strategies he doubled the productivity of his department in the space of a year. For the past decade, he has spoken about managing invisible illness in the workplace to audiences around the world. He is the author of the book Thriving in the Age Of Chronic Illness and Invisible Disability

Kristin appears perched on a stool, leaning to the right. She's a mid-40's blonde woman with wavy hair and pale skin. She wears a pearl necklace and dusty rose wrap dress.Kristin Light:
Workplace Neuroinclusion & Mental Health Specialist
Kristin Light is a communications and engagement strategist who has dealt with a broad spectrum of neurodivergent and mental health challenges in both her personal and professional life. Also a vintage dancer, published author and award-winning speaker, she has split her eclectic career between the boardroom and the ballroom. Kristin is currently overseeing projects on workplace neuroinclusion and mental health for a global consortium of transportation and engineering companies. She is a published author, co-writing the Our Yellow Brick Road personal anthology along with Marjorie Aunos.

Photo of Dr. Marjorie Aunos. She is outside sitting in her wheelchair with a bright red top and black jacket.Marjorie Aunos, Ph.D:
Mental Health, Disability, and Caregiving Issues
Dr. Marjorie Aunos has worked in the Health and Social Services sector for 15 years as a clinical psychologist and a senior manager. She has expertise in working with people and parents with various disabilities and is herself a wheelchair user. She is also a professional speaker and has recently delivered a broadly acclaimed TEDxTalk at The University of Western Ontario. Marjorie is the author of the book Mom on Wheels, along with other publications. Speakers Presentations Media Contact Us