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Testimonial text: "Love, love, LOVE this session on neurodiversity! Feeling seen and love getting to talk openly about how to make change in our workplaces."  Natalie Wallace, CAE,. Account Director at Redstone Agency Inc

Neurodiverse, Neurotypical and Neurodivergent – Basic Terms

Why Should Organizations Care about Neurodiversity?

People with neurodivergent characteristics often process information significantly differently than their neurotypical colleagues. In this short video clip taken recently at the CSAE Summer Summit , neurodiversity speakers Jason Reid and Kristen Light and I talk about the reasons that businesses, and particularly associations, need to understand neurodiversity and promote neuroinclusion.

Blue text: “Kristin and Jason’s authentic, relatable, and engaging presentation provides practical ideas to support neurodiversity in the workplace. Thank you for the inspiring anecdotes, useful data, and tangible advice – and for delivering it all with a dose of humour and joy.” signed Monta Johnson, Senior Associate, Anamorphiq

A Workplace Accommodation Success Story

Accommodations for people with disabilities need not be expensive. In fact, they need not be accommodations at all. Simply looking at ways we can change the environment, company culture or policies can have beneficial effects for all employees and not just ones who are challenged. When something has “always been that way” we often make an assumption that it can’t be changed, when in actuality changing this assumption is sometimes the obvious and easy route forward.

In this clip from Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace, Kristin Light and I give examples of neurodivergent conditions, and I share a real life story of how I myself got caught in the “it’s always been that way” blindspot. It’s the story of a employee who was sensitive to noise, a stuck door, and a surprisingly long route to the obvious.

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 Their presentation was not only incredibly insightful and thoughtfully formatted but also very engaging. Jason and Kristin have a flawless chemistry of which generates an inclusive and inviting atmosphere.
  Madison Wagner-Powers 
Senior Sales Executive, The Hotel Saskatchewan, Autograph Collection. Marriott International Speakers Presentations Media Contact Us
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