Chronic illness and invisible disability are topics that Jason Reid knows well. Despite having lived with Crohn’s disease and arthritis all of his life, Jason built an impressive career in network television as a writer, producer and manager. Now he shows audiences how to overcome adversity, succeed in the face of illness, and effectively manage people with invisible disabilities in the workplace.

Managing invisible disability in the workplace has become a vital skill for all organizations, especially those who value Diversity, Employment Equity and Inclusion. This has become all the more important as Long COVID is set to become the largest mass-disabiling event since the polio epidemic.

Jason is uniquely suited to talk about invisible disability in the workplace. In addition to working all of his life with two chronic illnesses and being open as a manager about his conditions, he also doubled productivity at a national television network after learning that half of his staff had invisible disabilities as well. He did this by building a culture of trust, open communication and creative approaches to workplace flexibility.

In addition to invisible disability as an overall topic, Jason and his colleagues can provide you with panels or speakers on neurodivergence and neurodiversity, mental health and mental illness, caregiving and other disability related topics that affect the workplace. Think of him as a potential one stop shop for your disability-related DEI events.  

Jason is also the author of the book Thriving in the Age of Chronic Illness – A guide for people with chronic health conditions and the organizations that employ them. 

Photo of Jason pointing to logos of corporations he will speak to in the Fall. Text as follows:
Invisible Disability Speaker Jason Reid: Fall 2023, Talks and Presentations on Invisible Disability in the Workplace, Workplace Neurodiversity and Workplace Mental Health. Some dates and times still remaining for Disability Employement Awareness Month, Invisible Disabilities Week, INternational Day for Persons with Disabilities. Click here to check availability and book Jason now.

“Thank you so much, Jason – It was an incredibly impactful session. You have continuously been so accommodating, cooperative, and just a pleasure to work with!”

C .McKelvey, TD Bank Group

Long Covid – a significant increase in chronic illness in the workplace

Jason’s presentation was the highest rated DEI event we’ve had so far. More than 90 percent said they were either “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied”.

Faye LaCasee, Highlights for Children

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Ten Reasons to Hire Jason for Virtual or In-Person Events

Virtual and In-Person Experience: Jason realizes that virtual presentations are a different medium that requires a special approach and strategy to keep the audience engaged.

Engaging: As a long-time professional storyteller, Jason knows how to make content entertaining and easy to understand.

Relevant: Jason’s concepts are actionable and specific so they can be easily applied.

Insightful: Other speakers present information that can easily be sourced on the internet. Jason goes beyond the surface to provide insightful content that makes him much more than a human “infographic”.

Original: While many of today’s “experts” regurgitate a few key ideas from a handful of thought leaders, Jason’s content comes directly from his decades of experience living with, and managing people with, invisible disabilities. 

Panel Packages: Jason is connected to many speakers and can organize panels on topics such as disability, mental health, caregiving and more.

Accommodating: Who wants the stress of a prima donna speaker? If you need an extra person for your panel discussion, a promo video, or anything else, feel free to ask. 

Professional: Having been in charge of on-air content at a national broadcaster, you can be sure that Jason will be professional and respectful in his approach.

Fun: Being professional doesn’t mean being boring! Jason’s sense of humour, and passion for his topics will put a smile on the face of your audience. 

All in Pricing: Dealing with speaker expenses can be tedious and unpredictable. Jason gives you the option of inclusive pricing that makes it easy.

My company invited Jason to speak about the path to embracing invisible disabilities in the workplace.
Jason was open to feedback, communicated with kindness, and when the time came his presentation was flawless, personable, and informational above all. I loved working with Jason – he knows his area of expertise and certainly can work with you on what you need from a talk in this space.

Jerica Manuel – PocketWatch Inc.