About Jason Reid

Photo of Jason Reid, on-stage in a dress shirt and blue suit

Jason is much more than just a speaker with Crohn’s disease and arthritis. Despite his significant health challenges, Jason has been a successful journalist, TV executive, award-winning story-editor, and professional speaker.

Jason’s sense of humour and compelling personal stories have made him a favourite with a wide range of audiences – from people living with adversity, to health professionals, HR audiences, business organizations and more.

Jason is uniquely suited to talk about invisible disability and business. He not only worked his entire life with an invisible disability, but successfully managed many employees with similar challenges in an extremely stressful and results-oriented industry- winning national and international diversity awards in the process.

Jason’s story: “How my invisible disability became my management superpower.”
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Logos of organizations that Jason has spoken to including Ikea, Shaw, Redfin, Ryan llc, TD Bank, Government of Ontario, Shaw Communications and more