Overcoming Adversity and Dealing with Chronic Illness in the Workplace.

Chronic illness and invisible disability are topics that Jason Reid knows well. Despite having lived with Crohn’s disease and arthritis all of his life, Jason built an impressive career in network television as a writer, producer and executive. Now he shows audiences how to overcome adversity by serving others, how to succeed in the face of illness, and how to effectively manage people with chronic diseases in the workplace.




Chronic illness and invisible disability are serious topics. In order to get an audience truly engaged however, you need a presenter who has just the right balance of tact, humour and humanity. Jason’s funny and compelling personal stories have made him a favourite with a wide range of audiences – from people living with adversity, to health professionals, HR audiences, business organizations and more. 


Jason is uniquely suited to talk about chronic illness, disability and work. He has been on both sides of the fence – having been both an ill employee, as well as a senior manager in a demanding industry.


Jason is also the author of the book Thriving in the Age of Chronic Illness – A guide for people with chronic health conditions and the organizations that employ them.